Multinational corporations aren’t alone in needing international insurance coverage. With barriers in foreign trade disappearing, small to midsize U.S. and Canadian firms have joined larger companies in taking their products and services overseas. As your firm explores these new worlds of opportunity, you will need coverage for your new business risks and it is important that you consider the following:

  • Do you own a business that is engaged in some type of international commerce?
  • Do your salespeople travel across borders to meet with clients?
  • Do you ship products from your U.S. facilities to foreign customers?

If any of these circumstances apply to you your situation, then you may need international insurance coverage to help protect your goods and services outside the United States and Canada. Whether you require a small Foreign Package policy or a Controlled Master Program, we can assist with your international insurance needs with coverages such as:

Foreign Property – Outside the United States & Canada:

Protection for your property and property of others, as well as, personal property in transit, including laptop computers, sales samples and trade show materials.

Foreign General Liability

Protection for yourself against claims and suits outside the United States and Canada

Foreign Automobile

Protection for “Difference in Condition”/Excess basis of local admitted policies for your owned automobiles and primary protection for foreign non-owned and hired automobile

Foreign Worker’s Compensation

24-hour insurance for United States Executive Employees traveling overseas, other Third-Country Nationals, Employers Liability coverage and repatriation.

Emergency Travel Assistance

Services include referrals for doctors, interpreters and attorneys; prescription fulfillment; coordination of emergency travel arrangements; medical evacuation and transfer of funds.